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Water Features

A cast iron sugar kettle water fountain is the classic southern water feature. Add some southern charm and history to your landscape design. Made from 100% cast iron, this water feature will make quite a conversation piece and a wonderful accent to your landscape.

They can be set up individually or tiered for a cascading water feature. Our fountains are perfect for creating a focal point to your landscape, patio, or yard. In many cases, large commercial size fountains are often placed in town centers, large backyards, hotel and business courtyards and bring a sense of serenity that can help shield road or background noise. We offer an extremely unique line of water features. Our cast iron sugar kettles are very sought after and each one represents a part of history.

Try placing water flowers, lilies or other water plants within your water feature to liven it up. Adding fish, such as Koi, are also popular with water features. And, of course, water bubblers or sprayers always make for fun features. The addition of a water feature to your property will create a tranquil retreat for your landscape. The sound of water adds a serene touch, masks unwanted noises, all while producing a fun and beautiful water display! If you're a landscaper or a home-owner, please give us a call and we can help you find the right solution for your needs large or small.

It is recommended that you seal your sugar kettle water feature with a polyurethane sealant prior to adding the water in order to prevent hyper oxidation. All of our water features have been used in residential as well as commercial settings and have been placed in commercial projects such as hospital courtyards, parks, bridges, apartments, malls, and even golf courses. These cast iron fountains are often designed for installation by skilled landscapers or pool/fountain personnel and occasionally feature large basins.

From our beginning the presence of Cypremort Sugar Kettles as a nationwide brand for unique water features in the market has become synonymous with quality. Our sugar kettle water features come in four sizes: 3.5’, 4’, 5’ and a 7’ diameter. Please see video on YouTube.

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Diameter Weight
Volume Price Shipping Order Quantity
3.5' Kettle 172 15.5 45 gal $845 Call For Quote Quantity:
4.0' Kettle 292 17.5 70 gal $1045 Call For Quote Quantity:
5.0' Kettle 465 22 140 gal $1,649 Call For Quote Quantity:
7.0' Kettle 1100 31 380 gal $3,195 Call For Quote Quantity:
6" Mini Kettle 3 2.25 12 oz $65 $26.00 / UPS Quantity:

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