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Kettle Accents

Cypremort Sugar Kettles is your outdoor living specialist. In our constant search for new and unique products that you will truly appreciate, we have found several new and exciting pieces that will accent your outdoor living space and or your Sugar Kettle.

We have split them into two types of accent pieces.  The first type is our Sugar Kettle Accent pieces; the Kettle Fish and the Kettle Boy.  The second are our Outdoor Living Space Accent pieces; the Fleur-de-Lis Fountain Spout, Star Bacchus, Flambeau Hanging Planter and the Olive Jar Planter in Cast Stone.  The quality of these extraordinary pieces is unmatched. 

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Flambeau Hanging Planter

Reproduction of 18C Antique, Iron Rust Patina

21.5" tall on wall Basket: 11" tall x 9" diameter 20 lbs.

This replica is from a rare 18th Century original that was from a colonial museum. This piece was used in the colonies to light waterfront passageways either from the shore or extending from the bow of a paddlewheel steamboat. Makes a nice planter, and works great with a Bromeliad, Fern or Orchid plant.

Landscape pots, planters
Small kitchen kettle pots, decorative
Olive Jar Planter, Cast Stone

Cast Stone, Terra Cotta Patina or Grey Patina Reproduction of Antique 19th Century Oil Jar

 27” height, Widest diameter 22”, Top opening to outside lip 15”, Weight:  135 lbs.

This Oil Jar was cast from an antique 1800’s Oil Jar that is part of an exquisite U.S. private collection.  This Olive Jar will make a wonderful addition to your indoor décor or outdoor landscape.   The beautiful patina and detail around the neck of the jar simulate the look seen on antique jars when the glaze has worn.  Use our Olive Jar as a unique planter or merely as a decorative item.

Landscape pots, planters
Small kitchen kettle pots, decorative
Product Top Opening (in) Weight
Height x Width x Depth (in) Height on wall Price Shipping Order Quantity
Kettle Fish   3 7"x6"x3.5"   $638 $21.00 / UPS Quantity:
Kettle Boy   14 16"x7.5"x7.5"   $941 $50.00 / UPS Quantity:
Fleur-de-Lis Spout   15.2 10.5"hx10.5"w   $1069 $50.00 / UPS Quantity:
Star Bacchus   13.5 21"wx2.75"d   $1075 $45.00 / UPS Quantity:
Flambeau Hanging Planter   20 11"hx9"w 21.5" $1585 $100.00 / UPS Quantity:
Oil Jar Cast Stone 15 135 27"hx22"w   $1485 $205.00 / UPS Quantity:

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