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Fire Bowls

A cast iron sugar kettle fire bowl is the perfect fire feature to add a bit of southern charm and uniqueness to your landscape design. Made from 100% cast iron, this fire kettle will make a stunning centerpiece or accent to your outdoor entertaining space.

They are easily set up so you can start enjoying the warmth and relaxation of gathering around a glowing and crackling fire quickly. The round open design of a sugar kettle fire bowl gives you a 360 degree seating area and more area for warmth as the heat rises up along the wall of the kettle.

So, heat things up on the patio with a cast iron outdoor fire pot, or fire bowl. The original sugar kettle design makes the ideal fire feature for keeping the entertaining going outdoors well into the night.

You have options with our sugar kettle fire bowls. You can burn wood in them naturally, run a gas line to it as an igniter; or use a gas line in coordination with lava rocks, gas logs or sand. Let your imagination be your guide.

You can set and secure the sugar kettles as a permanent fire feature or set and maintain them as a moveable fire feature in case you decide to move it. With our cast iron sugar kettle fire bowls you have the flexibility to use them as you wish and to change how and where you use them.

From our beginning, the presence of Cypremort Sugar Kettles as a nationwide brand for great unique cast iron fire bowls in the market has become synonymous with quality. Our sugar kettle fire bowls come in four sizes: 3.5’, 4’, 5’ and a 7’ diameter. Please see video on YouTube.

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Diameter Weight
Volume Price Shipping Order Quantity
3.5' Kettle 172 15.5 45 gal $845 Call For Quote Quantity:
4.0' Kettle 292 17.5 70 gal $1045 Call For Quote Quantity:
5.0' Kettle 465 22 140 gal $1,649 Call For Quote Quantity:
7.0' Kettle 1100 31 380 gal $3,195 Call For Quote Quantity:
6" Mini Kettle 3 2.25 12 oz $65 $26.00 / UPS Quantity:

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